Vincent Dionne – President

Vincent has been running the company since 2001. Involved on a daily basis in the management of real estate projects, he is responsible for analyzing the internal management and profitability of the buildings under management. He develops operating budgets, with the aim of maximizing revenues and others. He remains in constant contact with his clients: owners and tenants.

Guy Deschênes – Vice President of Operations

At Immomarketing for more than twenty-five years, Guy knows perfectly the accounting requirements in relation to the projects managed. Among other tasks, he prepares monthly operating reports and produces operating budgets with Vincent. Actively participates in the internal management of the company and the financial resources of real estate projects.

Ciprian Pisau, P.Eng., – Property Manager

With the company since 2005, Ciprian is responsible for a significant portfolio of buildings. Ciprian is involved in the physical management and technical details of the buildings. His engineering background focuses on solving various problems by finding practical solutions adapted to buildings.

Dana Pisau – Property Manager

Working in the company since 2003, Dana is responsible for a portfolio of major buildings requiring a velvet hand in an iron glove and is involved in the physical management of the buildings.

Sandra Limoges – Property maintenance manager

Sandra has been part of the team since September 2011. She has a good knowledge of the physical management of buildings having participated in it earlier in her career. She holds the position of building maintenance manager, with her team, Sandra oversees all activities related to the preventive and corrective maintenance of buildings.

Johanne Marquis – Administrative assistant for building maintenance

Johanne has worked for the company since July 2006, she knows the company’s requirements perfectly. Currently working as an administrative assistant in building maintenance, Johanne meets the needs of managers and janitors by tracking orders, delivery, invoicing and inventory of materials.

Alexandra Samuel – Property Manager

Having started with the company in 2015 in accounting functions, she uses these notions to now take care of a set of buildings on the South Shore and in Montreal.

Juliana Vladu – Property Manager

She started with us in a real estate complex under redevelopment in 2008. She is now responsible for 2 major complexes located in the east of Montreal.

Marianne Renaud-Roy – Property Manager

It started with us in a building complex. She is now responsible for buildings located in the east of Montreal.

Mourad Khemiri – Property Manager

He started within the company in a real estate complex as building superintendent, now he is responsible for buildings located on the Island of Montreal.

Donald Dery – Property Manager

Donald is responsible for a portfolio of condominium buildings requiring monitoring and organization, he is involved in the physical management of the buildings.

Stéphanie Thuot – Property Manager

She has a good knowledge of the physical management of buildings having participated in it earlier in her career. She is in charge of various buildings and must adjust to the realities of each.

Julie Soucy – Property Manager

Responsible for the Quebec sector, Julie is in charge of 4 buildings which requires adjusting to the reality of each.

Dumitru Musat – Building Superintendent

Responsible for two buildings located in Saint-Léonard totaling 298 apartment doors, Dumitru is involved in the physical management and development of its buildings.

Léa Trépanier – Executive Assistant

Léa has been working in the company since 2021, she knows the company’s requirements perfectly. Currently working as administrative assistant to the president of operations, Léa works closely with building owners, responds to management needs by following up on billing, file follow-up with building managers, weekly reports .

Joannie Thuot – Accounting Assistant

Joannie has worked at Immomarketing since 2019, having held several positions within the company, she is an asset to the team. Currently working as an accounting assistant.

Gabriel – Accounting Technician

Gabriel has worked at Immomarketing since 1992. He is responsible for data management: rent, accounting, lease management, the Régie du logement and tenants who are subject to a judgment for future collection.

Serge Langlois – Manager – Materials Section

Directly supervises our maintenance products and materials division in all of our buildings under management. He participates in the maintenance and repairs of the buildings under management.

Mélanie Girard – Director of Communications and Marketing

Responsible for communications and positioning of the brand image of the company and the buildings under management, Mélanie has worked in the world of advertising marketing for more than 20 years. She plays a central role in the development of advertising strategies for the company and the buildings under management, according to the company’s objectives.

Annie Galarneau – Marketing and Communications Assistant

Reporting directly to the Director of Communications and Marketing, Annie assists her in all her tasks related to corporate communications and marketing.



In constant contact with the tenants to respond courteously and efficiently to their needs, the concierges are carefully recruited, trained and supervised by the project manager.


Immomarketing deals with quality suppliers who understand the challenge of property management: painters, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, carpet cleaners, etc., chosen for their unparalleled service and very competitive rates.


In order to maximize the profitability of the buildings, we have created a division for the supply and distribution of materials and maintenance products. Our materials and products are thus accessible in our warehouse at all times, to ensure better efficiency at competitive prices.


Immomarketing works in collaboration with law firms that deal with representations to the Régie du logement, formal notice or other situation that requires more specific legal intervention.

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