Press release

Dear trusted tenants,

The health and well-being of each resident, partner and employee of Immomarketing inc. has always been and will always be our priority. In the context of the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19), it is essential to communicate with clarity and transparency. We therefore wanted to share with you the preventive measures that we have taken to minimize the risks to public health, in accordance with the recommendations and directives of Public Health.

Throughout this difficult period, we reiterate our commitment to comply with all Public Health recommendations.

So, we have:

  • Increase in sanitation and cleaning services.
  • Put in place the recommended social distance measures, in particular to minimize physical contact (handshakes and others) and maintain, as far as possible, a physical distance of at least two meters between people.
  • Establishment of mandatory isolation protocols on return from travel.
  • Implemented additional measures of intensive cleaning of the halls of buildings, garage, elevator panel, etc., daily.
  • Closing of the gathering places of our buildings.
  • All offices (head office, Teck Materials and properties): the doors of resident staff must be locked and entry will only be granted to appointments or emergency service calls.
  • All apartment visits are only allowed for empty units, washing door handles, lighting sockets, etc. must be done before and after the visit. The social distance of 2 meters must be respected during the visit.

Despite the situation that changes from hour to hour, we adapt to all the recommendations of Public Health and we undertake to make every effort to provide you with virtual apartment visits via Facetime or Skype according to your preference. If you have any concerns regarding a building visit, we are available to answer your questions by phone, email or via the communication method that suits you best given the current context. Please contact us at (450) 465-7661 or

Thank you and take care of yourself,